Shiba commune is located in Beijing, which cover an area of 1500 square meters, and it is well-built ecological cultivation base. As we consistently introduce purebred champion shiba from Japan and Taiwan, so now we have own hundreds of purebred breeding dogs, and we are one of a few professional kennels among the country that can register competitions in Japan and gain outstanding achievements, meanwhile we are also the formal registered member of Japan’s shiba association (shenwu Zhuang; member of shiba association no. 52-25-0015).

Shiba commune hold the domestic leading concept and divide the kennels into several areas such as area of raising breeding dogs, area of reproducing puppies, delivery room, area of fostering and training, area of exercising and playing and area for members to gather together, and each area should be in charge by specially-assigned staff, so every day among the year the kennel will be clean for two times in the morning and evening in order to make sure that dogs can receive well-rounded and carefully protection. A scientific reproduction system to ensure that all puppies’ genes are stable, so their noble descent can come down in one continuous line. We have a perfect epidemic prevention mechanism and cooperate with professional hospital, so as to make sure that our members might feel satisfied with our services. A life-long raising feeding guidance will be provided, so that you can enjoy various kind of fun when you stay with your shiba.

We uphold the faith of “rooting in the central area of China and becoming well-known around the world”, and we are trying every effort to make our dream that “enable every compatriot can owe purebred shiba” come true, at the same time we work as a pioneer during the process of introducing shiba into China.  During a short period of three years, we have built up a brilliant brand for shiba commune with the help of outstanding breeding dogs, well-equipped facilitates and blameless services.